Our Mission

To provide a top quality, highly comprehensive approach to recovery. 

Our Philosophy


  • We believe addiction stems from an underlying neurochemical imbalance

  • We seek to get to the root of the imbalance to remedy the addiction

  • We target the many factors underlying neurochemical imbalance, including nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and toxicities

  • We supplement physical healthcare with referrals to mental, social, and spiritual treatment providers

Our Approach


  • Begins with a thorough medical and addictions history, including an addictions timeline

  • An in depth discussion of patients goals

  • Pursuing appropriate medical, genomic and functional medicine laboratory evaluations

  • Recovery based treatment determined by patient goals,  laboratory evaluations and built on the 4 pillars addiction treatment/recovery: biologic, spiritual, social and mental health.

Your Well-being

We believe that addiction stems from chemical imbalances in the brain. In order to effectively treat addiction and restore brain health, we need to treat the whole body—not just the symptoms. We have found that if the underlying chemical imbalances are not addressed, even highly motivated patients will be unlikely to achieve lasting recovery.

Madhava Integrative Health focuses on creating personalized paths to wellness. Patients will receive well-rounded treatment solutions, after comprehensive assessments, with an initial focus on nutrient and nutrition-based treatments. Patients will then be referred to a nutrition recovery coach to implement diet and lifestyle changes. Amino acids, hormones, vitamins, and supplements are prescribed according to each patient’s needs. We use an integrative approach with both conventional and natural medicine. Prescription of conventional medicines will be provided if necessary. Our goal is to heal the brain to the point that prescriptions are no longer necessary.

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