Additional Information:

  • Check ins: These are 15 minute telehealth appointments with Dr. Madhava to ensure that we are safely managing your symptoms

  • These levels of service will be determined by Dr. Madhava at the initial appointment 

  • Patients may shift from one level of service to another as the nature of their addiction, symptomatology, and medication requirements change. Dr. Madhava will determine what level of service patients require. 

  • Check-ins are not for laboratory reviews. Laboratory evaluation analysis will only be done during follow-up appointments. 

  • Additional follow-up appointments past the included 4-hours will be billed at separately. Payment is due before every visit. 

  • Voicemail messages will be returned as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours

  • E-mails and direct portal messages will be returned as quickly as possible and within 24 hours

  • *Any laboratory or diagnostic tests are additional.


In unique circumstances, some patients may be eligible for a fee-for-service model.

  • Any questions through the physician portal that cannot be answered in a yes/no format will require an appointment 

  • Payment for all services is due upfront


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