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A Functional Medicine-Based
Recovery Program For Your

  • Addictions and Dependencies

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Medication Tapering

Finding and Treating the Root Causes

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A Physiology-Based Approach to Addiction Treatment and Abstinence


At Brain Body Medical we utilize a brain-focused perspective. We understand that long-standing drug and alcohol use can induce changes in brain chemistry and function, making sobriety difficult. We look to identify and treat brain and body imbalances to help you with long-term abstinence and optimal health. 

Our approach starts with having each person complete a detailed clinical assessment  We use targeted lab testing to look at nutritional status, hormones, digestive health, environmental toxins, and much more.


We work with you to customize a comprehensive treatment plan that is right for you.​​ We can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms. Confidentiality is paramount in all of our interactions.

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Dr. Madhava


Dr. Madhava is a  board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist. She is also certified in functional medicine. Besides her private practices, she continues to work in an adult substance use detox and rehabilitation treatment program in New York.


She has worked in the area of addictions and use disorders since the 1990's. She has worked in primary care settings, in different opioid treatment facilities, and in the jail system treating addictions and dependencies. 


While working with patients with addictions in various capacities, the near universal theme was that patients wanted to be cured and almost no one wanted to remain on medication-assisted-treatments such as methadone or Bupenorphine, in spite of their usefulness in preventing death.


It was disheartening to see so many patients relapse quickly after a short recovery period, even though many tried very hard to achieve abstinence with standard treatment.


Over the past several years Dr. Madhava has dedicated herself to focusing on the physiology of the brain and body as the foundation in the assessment and treatment of addictions and recovery. She uses evidence-based approaches, published literature and her experiences to treat dependencies using a brain focused model to help patients achieve lasting recovery. The framework  involves functional medicine principles,  testing and management of the root causes and promoters of addiction, such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal and gut microbiome imbalances among many other foundational etiologies.

She got her MD at Albany Medical College, Master of Public Health at John Hopkins, and a Masters in Clinical Research Methods at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  She is certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

On the personal side, Dr. Madhava has two kids, spends much of her free time reading, exercising and exploring spirituality. Among her favorite books is the Bhagavad Gita, which she uses as a guide for living.

Dr. Madhava's Lectures

Watch Dr. Madhava presentation on the research that lays

the foundation for her approach to addiction medicine treatment. 

Integrative Approaches to Addiction Treatment

Empowering Your Health Journey


Learn more about how we target addictions and other imbalances

Learn more about Brain Body Medical and Dr. Madhava

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We believe in treating underlying imbalances

Have questions about our practice? Visit our FAQs! 

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Patient Testimonials

Right now, I am no longer physically or psychologically dependent on alcohol or benzodiazepines. My improvement has been remarkable. Dr. Madhava and I are currently in the process of optimizing my health, and I have never felt better in my life.  She has helped me recover physiologically, but I am convinced she has helped me heal on deeper levels, too. I cannot thank her enough for being so kind, dedicated, and passionate.

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