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The Sinclair Method

for Alcohol Use Disorders

The Method

The Sinclair Method is a treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder that uses an opiate blocker called naltrexone to reduce or eliminate a person's craving for alcohol. This method can help you feel free of the grip that alcohol has on your life by decreasing its effect on you and your brain. This method has shown to have a success rate of up to 78%, as described in the book, "The Cure for Alcoholism" (pictured here). 

Cure for Alcoholism

How it Works

Our bodies release naturally-occurring opioids called endorphins in response to pleasurable activities, such as exercising and laughing. Endorphins are heavily involved in reward pathways, causing us to seek out experiences that cause endorphin release. Alcohol has been shown to cause a release of endorphins, creating a cycle of use and addiction. Alcohol has also been shown to cause a higher release of endorphins in people who may be more susceptible to addictions, such as people with a family history of alcohol use disorder. Naltrexone works by blocking opioid receptors, the same receptors that endorphins act on. Taking naltrexone before you drink reduces the pleasurable effects of alcohol, otherwise known as the "buzz" from drinking alcohol. This essentially causes your brain to lose interest in alcohol, as it decreases the cycle of reward associated with alcohol use. 

More Information


1. C3 Foundation


2. Ted Talk: One Little Pill by Claudia Christian

Your Journey to Recovery 

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